Oil-Rite is an ISO 9001:2008 CertifiedDesigner and Manufacturer of Lubrication Equipment Since 1933

Featured Product

   Solid Aluminum Endplates          

Our aluminum reservoirs feature end plates machined from solid aluminum. Not only are they sturdy with precise machined surfaces, but they also honor the tradition of grand industrial design. They are used in reservoirs, gravity lubricators, and constant level lubricators.


Oil-Rite lubrication equipment is instrumental in maintaining machinery and monitoring fluid flow across a wide expanse of industries. Oil-Rite equipment applications include:

  • apply lubricant to chains and conveyors in high-speed canning facilities
  • automatically replace oil in large bearings in nuclear facilities
  • dispense grease during assembly processes
  • lubricate car crushing machines in recycling operations
  • monitor hydraulic fluid levels in off-road equipment
  • and circulate oil to turbine bearings in wastewater plants

Oil-Rite product is developed by an in-house design team and manufactured in the United States for use in North America and throughout the world.  The quality management system is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Oil-Rite Corporation
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Oil-Rite Corporation