Oil-Rite is aDesigner and Manufacturer of Lubrication Equipment Since 1933

Featured Product
Hydracsion Multi-Point Lubrication
   Hydracision® Multi-Point  Lubrication          

Hydracision distributes lubricant to many separate points – as few as 12 and as many as hundreds.  It combines hydraulic movement of fluid with the precision of positive displacement injection.  The single line output, self-contained unit requires only a power source to operate.  Hydracision supplies the user with options but doesn’t overwhelm with calculations, complex components, or pages of schematics.   It’s simple to configure and use.



More Info

Oil-Rite lubrication equipment is instrumental in maintaining machinery and monitoring fluid flow across a wide expanse of industries. Oil-Rite equipment applications include:

  • apply lubricant to chains and conveyors in high-speed canning facilities
  • automatically replace oil in large bearings in nuclear facilities
  • dispense grease during assembly processes
  • lubricate car crushing machines in recycling operations
  • monitor hydraulic fluid levels in off-road equipment
  • and circulate oil to turbine bearings in wastewater plants

Oil-Rite product is developed by an in-house design team and manufactured in the United States for use in North America and throughout the world.

Oil-Rite Corporation
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Oil-Rite Corporation