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History Oil Rite

Oil-Rite Corporation is known throughout the world for its high standard of manufacturing and innovative design in lubrication equipment. Founded in 1933 by Frank J. Lyden, the original product line consisted of constant level oilers used in conjunction with large bearings and gear boxes. The range of product expanded rapidly in the following decades to include not only lubricators, but liquid level and flow monitoring equipment. Oil-Rite manufactures 90 percent of components using its in-house work centers. Engineering and R&D are singularly dedicated to this industry, improvement in product and processes, and the next innovation in lubrication equipment.

Donald G. Gruett became owner and president of Oil-Rite in 1984. He held various positions with the company since 1962 and was pivotal in developing PurgeX in 1988. Donald Gruett assumed the position of Chairman of the Board in 1994 until his passing in 2019. Carolyn M. Boldt was appointed President in 1994 and is a shareholder. She has held various positions with the company since 1973. Oil-Rite has a 75,000 square foot facility and operates two shifts with 50 employees. Operations have been located in Manitowoc Wisconsin since 1951, when the company outgrew its original Milwaukee location.

Oil Rite serves the following industries:

  • Industrial and Commercial Machinery – Conveyors, Assembly Equipment, Ovens, Etc.
  • Energy – Electric, Gas, and Transport Stations
  • Food and Beverage Preparation and Packaging
  • Off-Road Equipment – Construction, Agriculture, and Forestry
  • Material Handling, Automation, and Robotics
  • Mining, Steel Mills, Material Processing, and Recycling Operations

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Policy Statement:

Oil-Rite Corporation is dedicated to deliver the highest quality products and services that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations both internal and external. We are committed to the continuous improvement of our products, processes, services, and personal performance to satisfy our customers.

About Oil-Rite Corporation
About Oil-Rite Corporation
About Oil-Rite Corporation