Clear View Reservoirs


Oil-Rite Corporation redesigned industrial fluid reservoirs with a lightweight, economical, and durable construction.  Clear View reservoirs allow maximum fluid visibility by eliminating the center post common to many lubricators. The contemporary design features molded polycarbonate endplates.


Industrial fluid reservoirs often utilize castings or stamped steel plates as part of their construction. While these materials perform well in industrial conditions, they are major contributors to the weight and cost of the item. They can also appear somewhat bulky in comparison to the clean lines of the modern equipment on which they are installed. Clear View reservoirs utilize polycarbonate endplates with a slim profile. The material has broad compatibility for use with many types of fluids and industrial environments.  It is not subject to rust or oxidation and is easily cleaned.  The reduction in weight contributes to a more stable installation, while reducing the net cost of the product through lower freight expense.


The reservoir utilizes fewer components by eliminating the need for gaskets and a center post to tie together the top and bottom plates.  The swivel fill cap is a new feature that keeps the cap attached by out of the way during filling.  The Clear View design takes into account the customers’ request for an updated appearance and improved handling. 


Oil-Rite offers Clear View reservoirs and gravity lubricators in a variety of styles. 

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 Clear View Acrylic Reservoirs



Pyrex Clear View Oil Reservoirs



Clear View SIngle Feed Manual Oilers


 Clear View Single Feed Electro Lubricators


Clear View Multiple Feed Manual Lubricators


Clear View Multiple Feed Electro Lubricators


Clear View Full Flow Manual Dispensers


Clear View Full Flow Electro Dispensers





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